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M20 is a community-based permaculture project launched by Alphonce Odhiambo for the benefit of Kodumo people in Homa-Bay county, Kenya.

Our main mission is to work on rooting out poverty in our community and create a better everyday life for the vulnerable, starving, the least fortunate.

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The project has been of benefit to most people even around the community since 2019 when it was officially started by Alphonce Odhiambo who came up with this idea after learning permaculture design course from some of the specialists within the local area , attending of seminars partaining agricultural production and continuous reading of books related to the same hence we decided to start this project after relating the challenges and struggles that our community members undergo on starvation.

Collaborate rather than compete

M20 community organic permaculture project works towards sharing of agricultural knowledge with our community members and also taking into consideration the major environmental ethics: live in harmony with nature , preserve and learn from natural places of the world, minimize the impact of man-made chemicals on natural systems and to consider the implications of all human actions on the global web of life.

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Please contact us using the form below if you have something specific on your mind.